Maybe the hormones’ speaking. Today feeling very down. I felt I was zapped at, rude to and treated as less than. Of course if one, or even now thinking back about it, were to see it, I had it coming. Stupid comments, ridiculous logic, outrageous ideas and mindless words could set people off. The difference here is that I normally would apologise, laugh at myself for being so silly or learned something more about how to and not to behave the next time round.

This time I felt down, ridiculed and looked down upon. I really hope is the hormones. I heard from others when I reach a certain age, it can do a number on me emotionally and mentally.

Let me think back when the last time it happened and how I dealt with it. I would go for a run, distract myself with other people and things untiil it slowly disappears. Today it rained, cannot cycle, cannot run, too lazy to swim. Indoor stuffs like the gym or HIIT….errr not my jam. So now I resort to writing about it. Hope with the typing and flow of ideas of out my mind into cyberspace can clear me of the guilt, the shame, the embarrassment so i can go back to apologise, learn and continue on.

I blame the rain.



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