My Foodie Adventures

A collection of my culinary explorations over the years 7 Jan @ Dragon Chamber 21 Dec Gu Ma Jia @ Potong Pasir area 20 Dec Old Bibik’s Peranakan Kitchen in the East 17 Dec iO Italian Osteria Hillview Bumbu at kandahar 11 Dec Near Sultan’s Mosque 9 Dec Somewhere in MacPherson with Jay 8 Dec […]

My Travel Log

All my travel memories. A short trip to Sembawang hot spring

Learning Resources

Mathematics Fundamental mathematical knowledge and skills to prepare them for technical- or service-oriented education. Basically it’s basic math with a focus on the rudiments. The topics in the syllabus should be practical,  with wide application in everyday practical situations.  The breadth of the topics should include geometry, arithmetic, statistics, and basic algebra while the depth […]