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About this website

I intend to keep all my resources work, hobby, random opinions, photos whatever in here. Presently its all over the place. Multiple computers and hard drives, facebook, Youtube, instagram etc….

Putting everything together can form some kind of portfolio so I can have a better idea of who I am as I enter the bit five-zero and beyond.






For a start

The start date of this website is dec 2019. Figuring out this open sourced word press as my web editor. I figured out since I am moving into retirement (It doesn’t hurt to plan early) I better look out for free and low cost stuffs to help me maintain this website. I have been spending close to SGD200 every 2 years to maintain this website space and domain name. Let’s see is there any other way to reduce this further. The followings points are the plans I have in populating this website

Teaching and Learning Resources

For a start I figured I should archive my teaching resources. Those that is created and curated by me. In education it is very hard to credit just one person. It is often a result of collaboration, bouncing off ideas each other. So if you feel very strongly that some of the stuffs deserve an honorary mention, just let me know and I will put it in. If it is about copyright then I will remove it immediately.

Anything else?

I was thinking of fitness, diet, my shameless attempt in Time-lapse, photos, travel logs, recipes, thought and opinions of some specific things and everything else. Focus focus!!! 


 The template has this icon and I think its a waste to delete this… so I am parking it here for….

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