Hi, I’m Pu from Singapore, Bukit Batok a Teacher

Besides my profession as a teacher for more than 16 years and I’m also a Foodie. I hope to keep all my resources namely my work, hobbies, random opinions, and photos on this site.  Putting everything together in one place can form some kind of portfolio so I can have a better idea of who I am as I enter the bit five-zero and beyond.  At the present moment, stuff I own are all over the place such as in the multiple computer hard drives, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc. Please join me in my journey.

The beginning of this journey….

The start date of this website was Dec 2019. Figuring out this open sourced word press as my web editor. I figured out since I am moving into retirement (It doesn’t hurt to plan early) I better look out for free and low cost stuffs to help me maintain this website. I have been spending close to SGD200 every 2 years to maintain this website space and domain name. Let’s see is there any other way to reduce this further. The followings points are the plans I have in populating this website

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