interactions comes in all combination and permutation yet from it can form unique bonds with specific people(s). the bonds forms can be strong and weak. the heartbreaker comes when each put different rating to the strength of the bond. expectations clash, disappoint appears, anger develop. It takes the chance of the big bang to have the mutally allocated ratings tally and match. from it then the relationship can flourish, activites become fun, meetings are highlights of the day. New experiences are attempted, new thoughts are co created, new discoveries are made. then the cycles continue. and pushing everyone to a high level of awareness, comradery and connectedness. Isn’t that one of the purpose of living?

friendship is precious because its delicate. anytime the bond can be tested, skewed and sometimes ignore. giving rise to new status, dynamics and consequences. very often one-sided and its easily downgraded.

but come to think of it. off with the old, on with the new. with every breakdown is a opportunity for others to form and powerup. after all time and resources are fixed. Net net should be a good thing. Then I am reminded of “why does it hurt so bad” by whitney houston. maybe its just a journey while i am “waiting to exhale”. Shoop shoop shoop



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  1. So true that friendship is precious! All the more because it’s fragile and vulnerable, which is why we should treasure it ☺️ And about the purpose of living — progression to a higher level of awareness takes time but it’s still important 🙏 Reminded of how Kazuo Inamori once said that the purpose of life is to elevate our minds and refine our souls ✨

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