I could have not called
He could have ignored
I could have not heed James’s
At that time I thought it was lame.

If I were to call
Who to provide me regress.
What to dress those wounds
Why did it happen
What is going on
How to address what I had gone through.

Would it
Be swept under the carpet?
Cause a showdown?
Create a dramatic reconciliation
Confirm the status quo.

The outcome was not what I had imagined.
The outcome was the answer
The outcome didn’t match any of my expectation.
The outcome is just, well, an outcome

Was I happy with it
I should ask was he happy with it
Even when things turned out to be what it was, I could have denied it. I could have continued with status quo.

After almost 15 years.
I got what I got and I didn’t get the rest.
I am left withI am glad it lasted

I have learned to ignore
I have learned to be glad
I have learned to expect
I have learned to wait

Till when I don’t know.
All I can say for now is I am glad.



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