Seems to contradict each other but come to think of it, if let rubbish into our diet how to enjoy myself. I love seafood durian and alcohol, out of them 2 is gout triggering. If I were to eat freely, I would be able live freely with the frequent hospital visits and medication. If I were to restrict myself then I would be able to have more FREE time away from crippling compulsory rest.

Now at the crossroads of what kind of lifestyle to adopt and which suits my needs and habits. Even intermittent fasting go so many variety. So have to keep trying keep measuring (hey sounds like AfL – Assessment for Learning – do and check). Whatever the case but keep trying. 先完成再完美。So first up is have a form of consistency. Let me call it fixed time feeding. Instead of fixing it now let me study my pattern and see what is the best time to fix it…. update later……



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