CPIB probe into Iswaran a ‘setback’ but Singapore system will emerge stronger: Tharman

Mr Wong said the CPIB investigation was “concrete proof of how we do things in Singapore”.
“We have always upheld a clean and incorrupt system of government, and our track record on this over the decades is clear and evident to all,” he said.

I can’t help but want to compare both statement on the same matter. To me the difference is the level of humility, hope and participation.

One talk about Singapore will be better.
The other say the government has been good.

One talked about the system while the other talks about the party.

Perhaps that’s the expected difference between the government and the potential president. One is to link everything good to the party while the other is to take the good and bad and ugly and spread it to the country.

Which do you think is more palatable? To me it’s the latter.



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