Ok it has been about 2 months. All I did was

  1. Created a website.
  2. State the purpose which is to share what i have archived, curate what i am doing and document experiences. How hor come to think of it, isn’t facebook and instragram doing quite a awesome job? Once in a while give me prompts and reminders and even propose some ideas like frieniversaries etc….Am i doing extra for the same thing or is there something else i can get from doing this…..

A friend comment “What is the point of doing this?” My first response was to share my life to whoever picks it up. Next question. What is your website for? I guess my friend was trying to give me focus. So people will know to click me up when they have something to look up.

But hor. I was thinking. Presently since i don’t know what people wants. I just do a spaghetti throw. Throw everything and see what sticks. Presently I like cycling. Trying to pick up running again. Do some teacher training / learning. I will be travelling, doingthings, collecthing and feeling. I guess for now I want to say I am just SHARING. As to Share what Share how Share to whom i don’t know. I will just adapt the DO and CHECK attitude and come what may. It could be nothing, it could monumental. Thats for the future. As of now. I am sharing.



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